Angel Messages 444

Good morning, 444 make a wish!! I remembered this message from 4 or 5 years ago.

It was 4:44 I woke up and tuned in to Spirit and here is the Angel Message for us all.


Pray for what you want, pray for people you love, pray for people you are having a tough time with, send love light and ask the angels to send love and blessings to any situation that your having a hard time to and pray for it to get better, know it will, know your situation will get better.

Love unconditional, love yourself enough to put yourself first, your needs first, take care of you.

Dream Big, it’s never too late for any of your dreams to come true it may not be in the same packaging you expect but it is possible.

Always remember, no matter what comes your way, there is a silver lining. Know that all will be okay, know you will come out to the other side and any obstacle that comes your way can be transmuted into an opportunity… yes, anything.

Learn from everything in life from not just the things in your life that go wrong and you overcome, but things in your life you did well, and do it again, more often. Have gratitude for it all.

Show up for yourself, show up for others, be present 110% in all that you do…. think about what is in front of you right now … not yesterday, not tomorrow, not what you have to do … just what in this moment.

Shine your light, be truly you, no one else can be you, no one else knows everyone you know …. be the inspirational leader you feel in your heart you are meant to be. Act on what your called to do, and Shine On!!!

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others. Do something everyday that radiates kindness even if you don’t receive the reaction you expect, you don’t know what others are going through.

Quiet your mind, meditate, put yourself in an energetic bubble of light every day, breathe deeply, silence the racing thoughts and hear the loving words that are here to guide you, you’re not making it up, hear Divine Wisdom In your own thoughts… it’s GOD and the Angels whispering to you follow your heart and embrace in love that’s within you.

Reward yourself for reading this message all the way through. Do something today that you have been wanting to do for you, treat yourself, make the time to love yourself enough to make you a priority, and Enjoy, Savor , Bask In every moment.

Wow was that a mouthful that Spirit wants us to remember, I am right there with you as it was a message for you and for myself too, for us all …

Save this in your notes on your phone. Call it “Angel Message 444.” When you see 444 or any angel number remind yourself of these powerful words and what it means as channeled above and what it means to you.


What can you do today to REWARD yourself? I Invite you to set your intentions to love yourself enough today to do something for you and list it below.

Send you all so many blessings of peace love and light!!!

Please share if you feel guided!!!!

Angel Eyes Dawn Marie

Angel Messages 444