Discover Essential Oils

What Are Essential Oils

Essential Oils are aromatic liquids. They are distilled from flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and the seeds of plants, and are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and compounds beneficial to sustaining health and vitality. The distillation process is what makes essential oils so concentrated – it takes, for example, thousands of flower petals to create the drops that are in a single bottle of rose oil, and adding just one drop of our Vitality Peppermint oil to a glass of water has approximately the same concentration as 20 bags of tea.

The benefits of essential oils have made them among the most popular wellness products in the world today.

Why I Choose Young Living Everyday Oils

Essential oils are NOT all created equal.

In fact, most essential oils are considered “perfume grade” or “fragrance oils” which means they’re made synthetically.

When it comes to essential oils–farming, distilling, and sourcing is everything! Young Living has carefully curated farms all over the world, and uses a proprietary Seed to Seal® Process that produces the most authentic essential oils available today.

Which Essential Oils are Right for You?

With hundreds of singles, blends, and Vitality oils to choose from, Young Living has essential oils for everyone. Ask me what ones are right for you!

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