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I was at a very sad and dark place in my life. I couldn’t speak about it with anyone, not even you, Dawn. What you did for me helped on so many levels. You asked me if I’d been close to an elderly man who passed away. Naturally I guessed my two grandfathers. You asked if I had any photos of them nearby. I didn’t because I’d recently moved and things like that were still in boxes. You said that you saw a big white bird, keys, and a brown frame. You asked, “Are you sure? Go upstairs and see.” Reluctantly I went and about halfway up the stairs I saw on the wall a few what I jokingly refer to as “ancestor photos” that I’d quickly hung and forgotten about as soon as I moved in.

My mouth dropped as I looked at a black and white photo of my grandfather in a brown frame. He was in his Army Air Corps uniform standing in front of a big white airplane, holding the keys in his hand. It felt so spooky to me in a good way and I got chills. Still on the phone up to my ear you said, “He’s with us now and he wants me to tell you that everything is going to be okay.” That’s all I needed to hear and it’s all I continue to keep in mind when things get difficult in my life.

Thank you, Dawn, for this gift. It still helps me years later. I understand that I am not alone, that at least one person on the “other side” is still looking out for me, and that I can feel that love and comfort whenever I open up, offer up, allow myself.
— Elizabeth, Attorney
Wellesley, MA

You are a beautiful loving and kind person and I’m so grateful that you came into my life. I hope you realize how many lives have been transformed because of you and your beautiful light and teachings

— Linda Giaquinto Viviano, On Angels’ Wings

Thank you so very much, Dawn Marie!!! Your abundant gifts and beautiful spirit transcend. Thank you for so generously sharing them with me, today I am filled with gratitude, faith, greater understanding, and joy!!

I am thrilled that there was a long line at motor vehicle inviting me to contently sit patiently in my car, searching on my phone for what was meant to be today, a divine answer to the unrest that was challenging me; challenging me to surrender and allow for a divinely guided shift to occur, with grace, love, ease, and blessings.

Thank you for channeling Spirit, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and evoking the Blessings of Mother Mary on my behalf.

My cell phone had very little charge on it. When I got in the car, I turned it on to view the time: 444. Then several seconds later it turned itself off again… still at 444. Hmmm—Thank you!!! Looking forward to studying with you soon.
Lots of love and gratitude,
— DM, East Northport

I just wanted to thank you again for the make up class I really appreciate you being so generous with your time. I’m excited that I was able to complete the course and I’ve learned so much from you. 🙇🏻‍♀️ I am truly grateful to have met you you’re an awesome beautiful soul sister 😇 I would like very much to gift you a Reiki facial 💆🏻 so please call me to schedule your appointment soon!!!!have a beautiful day and many blessings 🙏 Love you 😘💜

– Donna Argio, East Meadow NY
Balanced Skin Care And Wellness Studio

Hi Dawn! I enjoyed class last night and I want to tell you that after we discussed Gratefulness I went back to the book ‘The Magic’ and restarted my 21 days of gratefulness. Then I won $200 on a scratch off card! 🙏🏻😇 So grateful to have found your classes!

— Helen G.

I really want to say THANK YOU! You are truly an angel and a blessing!!! Since last night I have not stopped writing. This is truly a blessing and a gift. Again I truly APPRECIATE YOU!!! And so happy that you have come into my path… God bless, peace, love & light 💝💐🙏💜😇 You are an inspiration… Thank you!

— S.A. Glen Cove NY

I’ve always felt a deep connection to the Angels. After attending Dawn’s Angel Card Reading Certification classes and doing the homework, I have learned that I am safe within my own truth. The Angels are there whenever you need them… all you have to do is ask! This class has truly opened me up spiritually and I’m so glad I took the opportunity to do so! Thank you, Dawn!”

— Eileen C.

Through a series of meditations, each time going deeper, Dawn brought us to a state where our writing was just flowing right through our hand. I know that these writings were in conjunction with a higher source. I thoroughly enjoyed Dawn Marie’s Automatic Writing class.

— Linda A.

Dawn facilitated our ability to connect with our own inner truth through guided writing assignments. – Linda R.

I was not sure what to expect from this Automatic Writing class. I consider myself a spiritual realist. I buy into the woo-woo but I also have some resistance to it. Saying that, I went into this class with an open mind and the willingness to build on my beliefs and to Sparta something within myself. I’m grateful to say that this is exactly what happened. Regardless of your beliefs this class can be healing and beneficial to all. Angel Eyes Dawn Marie is a wonderful instructor, she explains the concepts and how to breakthrough the pitfalls of the mind to truly embrace your inner truth and helps you to connect to your intuition. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn the skill of automatic writing. It has helped me to connect and heal myself with love and compassion. The experience I’ve had during this class will stay with me forever.

— Megan O.

The Automatic Writing Course has helped me increase my meditation practice to an almost daily practice. I have been getting messages and I am learning to trust what I get which was a very big step for me. It has sparked a thought process for what I want my spiritual path to look like in the future. Thank you, Dawn, for a course that is filled with inspiration, love and fun!!

— Jean B.

Dawn puts her passion and love into all that she touches. Dawn’s Automatic Writing class was amazing and inspiriting to say the least. Dawn urges you to tap into all that is and your deepest potential. The meditations are like peeling the layers of an onion… deeper and deeper each time with new insight each time. Just being around Dawn is euphoric!

— Marilyn P.

I’ve always felt a deeper connection to a divine energy. Taking Dawn’s Automatic Writing Certification classes gave me not only the tools, but also the practice and confidence to reach a higher consciousness. I have learned how to go into a deep, meditative state and allow the words to just flow. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking to connect not only with their higher selves, but also to the Divine light that lies within every single one of us!

— Eileen C.

Your classes inspire me to connect more with spirit in a fun way. Never losing sight of the reverence, but allowing the humor to arise. Dawn, you are such a blessing to this earth. Your light shines like a beacon in the night leading us to where we need to go. Bless you and all you are doing for me and the world you live in. Love you 😘💜

— Kathleen Green, Oyster Bay, NY

Dawn Marie is a generous and gifted teacher who takes each student under her “Angel ” wing, guiding with wisdom and a knowing of exactly what each one needs at that moment. We are all blessed that she is involved in sharing this work, close to home.

— Bonita, Wadding River, NY

Dawn Marie is a truly gifted psychic and medium, and I am honored to know her. Most recently, she helped me work through my shock and grief at the death of someone I used to know, but had not been in touch with for awhile. It really rattled me, as he had died several months before I found out, and I had no idea how to process my grief. Dawn helped me to connect with his energy, and I felt his laughter and warm presence through her messages. She passed along information that helped me to heal some unresolved feelings, and also figure out how to process the grief. I felt so much love coming through during this call, and I’m so grateful I was able to experience this! Now anytime I hear of someone who has a need to connect with the energy of those who have passed on, I send them to Dawn right away. She’s the real thing!

— Dr. Kristin Rose, Berkeley, CA

Dawn Marie has enriched my life and soothed my soul with every interaction. Her ability to relay a much needed message at a critical time is something absolutely magical. During times of crisis, she is the calm voice I can count on. Her intuitive ability was enough to convert this cynic into a believer! When I questioned a new relationship she helped me hear my own inner voice, and because of that I credit her for my marriage and cherished daughter! Yes, she is that amazing! Thank you Dawn Marie, for all of the validating, positive messages you have given me. Every conversation with you leaves me feeling, happier, lighter & more energized. You are truly a blessing to me and my family. You really are an Angel.

— Felicia C.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dawn Marie for many years now; and over those years I have been inspired by her gift, insight and passion that she uses to help others. Much is asked of those who receive such a gift like hers and she has always answered the clarion call of service…which is why I like to call her an angel. If you are looking for answers to some of life’s deeper meanings, I think you will find that spending time with Dawn Marie will be a blessing to your heart and soul. I know mine has been forever changed being in her presence and it is a true honor to know and recommend her. Blessings to all.

— J.R. Westen, D.D., Vista, California

Dawn Marie is an Angel on Earth.  Her gifts inspire and sooth all of us who are blessed enough to have her touch our lives.  On a personal note, I have had the privilege of having Dawn Marie help me find answers during troubling times…and she has always been of great help and comfort. Thank you Dawn Marie, for sharing your talent, love, & compassion with the rest of us “mere mortals!”

— Liz M., Huntington, NY

I cannot put into words how blown away I was after a reading from Dawn. She turned me into a believer, because I had my doubts. My grandparents came through during our session. My grandfather passed away when I was 10 and my grandmother when I was 13. I had a very close relationship with both of them because they lived with me and I was their only granddaughter. They came through to Dawn and told her things that only I would know. At the time I met with Dawn, I had been struggling over some decisions I was making in my personal life and some issues that my parents were going through. They spoke to me through her and helped me make those decisions and brought me the peace and serenity that I needed. This experience with Dawn has made me a more spiritual person and has reconnected me to my grandparents. After they passed away, I thought of them often but never prayed or spoke to them. Now I speak to them regularly and ask them for guidance any time I am faced with a decision. I really believe Dawn is responsible for this. Reconnecting with two of the most important people from my childhood has forever changed me. Thank you, Dawn!

— Denise, Commack, New York

I would not be where I am today without my guidance and support from yesterday. Dawn Marie was my guidance and support…my teacher and my friend. I met Dawn Marie seven years before my awakening. She was always there for me to make me laugh and give me a shoulder to cry on. We had a lot in common immediately and as we grew so did our need for spirituality. I had been taking meditation classes from another teacher for about 2 years before I was ready for the kind of advanced Psychic Development class Dawn Marie was teaching. It was in her classes and through her gift of guidance that I discovered who I truly was and what I was meant to do with my life, my soul’s mission on Earth. It was to guide people to their higher purpose, just like Dawn Marie did for me. I never thought learning how to read Angel Cards could spark a whole successful psychic business for me, but it did. And it was because of Dawn Marie.If you are looking for guidance, support, an awakening or just someone to love you…I highly recommend Dawn Marie to give you what you need. She has a beautiful, open heart full of answers, comfort and love. She can speak to your Angels for you or teach you how to speak to these amazing beings yourself. Enjoy every moment you spend with her and be a sponge as you soak up all the love and guidance you will ever desire or need. I encourage you to work with this beautiful woman, Dawn Marie, today. Your soul will thank you, tomorrow 🙂

— Elena
Connections With Elena

It has been my absolute honor and delight to work with Dawn Marie! In my work, I am surrounded by countless people who have similar talents as Dawn Marie, but Dawn Marie is second to none! Aside from her skills, talents and gifts as a psychic and medium, Dawn Marie’s compassionate and understanding heart creates a safe and loving experience that allows her client to actually feel and experience the embrace of the love and light that they are seeking for their personal healing and growth through her work. I remember one reading where Dawn Marie was bringing through messages from my recently deceased son, Jacob. It was a phone reading, so there were thousands of miles between us. Yet, I immediately felt Dawn Marie reach out to my heart before she even began and as she continued, I felt my heart and hers meld together and the messages just flow through. I continued to feel this love, and know that I was being loved by her and her ‘team’, throughout our entire time together. I have always found Dawn Marie’s messages to be ‘spot on’, in terms of information and guidance, but I must also speak of the caliber of the frequency she taps into. It is of such a high quality, that the spirits and entities she tunes into have only loving and clear messages, always for my highest good. She inspires me with her words of loving support and clear understanding of the realms beyond the ‘veil’ of separation, and continues to be a wonderful guiding light through my journey of discovery. I’m so very grateful for her special gifts as well as her magnificent heart that delivers them all so perfectly. Thank you Dawn Marie!!!

— Marcy Neumann, Prescott, Arizona
The HeartShift Coach

I am writing to thank you for inspiring, enlightening and instructing me how to gain a stronger connection to my angels and spirits. In just two classes, I have some gained the necessary tools needed to take me deeper…I would have never gained this knowledge on my own… I felt last night’s class was very productive for me. The last guided mediation Padre Pio came to me and presented me with a yellow rose. I wrote it down in my journal and haven’t thought about it until now. I googled it…Padre Pio has a strong connection with yellow roses and where his body is laid out to view, he is surrounded by them!!!! Truly amazing!!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Can’t wait until next month’s class!!!!

— Danielle, NY