Angel Eyes Dawn Marie Services

Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings will bring you loving, healing and empowering messages. This reading can assist you in any area of your life that you are seeking divine guidance. Using her intuitive abilities and divinely guided insight, Dawn will help you answer any questions you may have. Dawn has multiple card decks to choose from, which she will use to help pinpoint areas in your life that you could use divine guidance, for it may not be the area you thought you were seeking, but it is what you need. Dawn will then deliver loving, healing and empowering messages to encourage you to continue on their path towards being the best versions of yourself you can be. During your reading, Dawn may also reveal spirit energy that is around you such as spirit guides, loved ones, Angels and Ascended masters. It’s time for you to connect to the higher loving power; break through the challenges and see the higher perspective to allow you to move forward in your life. Live the life you want now!!!

Thank you for yesterday, I walked away feeling very calm and confident about my life and that I was on the right path for the first time. It was very validating and everything I needed at that moment and more. I look forward to working with you on this! Thank you again!!!
Jaimie S., Huntington Station NY

Life Purpose Readings

Are you feeling called to do more right now? Do you feel like you want to be doing something to help others? This is your WAKE UP call!!! Wake up Light Worker your time is Now!!!

In this Private Reading Dawn will be using her Channeling abilities to connect with you on a SOUL level. To assisting connect with your Life Purpose/Soul Purpose. With the use of Angel/Oracle Cards/Guided Meditation/Connecting the Divine…God/Angels/Ascended Masters/Guides/Gods and Goddesses.

It’s time for you to be who your truly meant to be, it’s time for you to SEE your inner truth. It’s Your time to SHINE, it’s Your time to be SEEN.

Have you been waiting for a sign? This is the sign you have been waiting for!!!

Life Purpose readings with Dawn Marie

Past Life Readings

Dawn is certified in Past life Exploration. She truly believes we all have lived many lives. Our bodies have been alive for only our lifetime, but our soul has lived many. Over the 15 years Dawn has been giving readings, past lives frequently has come up. Because of this she has been guided to facilitate past life readings. First, Dawn will bring attention to an area of your life now that you seem to be “Stuck” in currently. She will then bring forward a past life that connects with this particular area of your life. She will describe what she is seeing, hearing and feeling, as you too may connect with this life as she is describing it. Through her messages and healing abilities, she will bring healing to this life by releasing any hurt or trauma that is still lingering in your subconscious on this life. She does this by using love and forgiveness of self and others. She will also assist you to bring back all of the positive attributes and strengths during this lifetime. The healing and bring forward the positive attributes is the most important part of this session. This way you can use it in this lifetime, right now. Once this has occurred you will no long be “Stuck” and can move forward with more peace, love and light in your life.

Archangel Readings

We are all divinely connected and supported by the Angelic ream. Some of you have been praying to them for years others are just now learning about them. They are around you now and have been your whole life. Dawn will introduce you to the Angels and Archangels that are around you. It will be interesting to see the Angels you have been praying to have heard your prayers, as she brings them forward to validate that for you. Along with the Angels that you did not know were around you and want to assist you in your life now. She will also channel the messages that you need to hear to help you life a healthy and happier life now. Learn tips and techniques in amplifying their energetic blessings around you. You too can have your own direct connection to the Angels now and always!!!

Ascended Master Readings

Ascended Masters are beings who once walked on the earth, as you and I do, but have channeled their divine life purpose in such a way that their vibrational level raised so high they were co-creating with the divine. These Ascended Masters are now here for you. They are around you and can help you create the life you wish to live to help bring you forward on your spiritual journey. Dawn will bring forward the Ascended masters that are around you. It will be interesting to see the Ascended masters that you have been praying to have heard your prayers, as she brings them forward to validate that for you. Along with the Ascended Masters that you did not know were around you and want to assist you in your life now. She will also channel messages that you need to hear to help you life a healthy and happier life now. Learn tips and techniques in amplifying their energetic blessings around you. You too can have your own direct connection to the Ascended Masters now and always!!

Private Coaching/Counseling and Meditation with Dawn Marie:

Private Intuitive Coaching

Dawn has a unique ability to inspire and awaken the intuition in others. She strongly believes we all are intuitive and have the ability to connect with the spirit real. In her private Intuitive Coaching she will assist you in tapping into your innate intuitive abilities and teach you how to access these abilities at any time. She can teach you how to use your intuition in your every day life to bring more peace, love and light to you. She can also teach you how to expand your intuition by using Angel Cards, Automatic Writing, Mediumship and Channeling for yourself and others. Allow, Achieve and Receive!!!

Spiritual Counseling

Dawn had educated herself to deepen hear understanding and practices in the spiritual community. During a Spiritual Counseling session, Dawn will help you get a better understanding of your life path. She will give you tools and ways to use them to better yourself and spring you forward on your journey. She will allow you the time to talk things through as she listens intently to you. She will help you make the best decision for you. She will help you find and see the higher perspective in any challenge that comes your way. But most importantly she will assist you to see your inner truth. We all need to be who we truly are. It’s time for you to be your true self now and always!!!

Private Guided Meditation

Meditation is one of the most important aspects on your spiritual journey. We are all able to meditate, we are all able to connect with spirit as we meditate, and we are all able to receive a healing as we meditate. Meditation is “Key” to raising our vibrational level. In Private Guided Meditation with Dawn Marie she will bring you through a spirit guided mediation that is exactly what you need at the time of your session. Dawn will lead you on a meditation that will allow you to connect, heal and bring you to a deeper connection within yourself and spirit. Relax and enjoy a meditation specifically channeled for you!!!

Private Intuitive Activation Sessions:

Third Eye Activation

We all have a Third Eye that is within us. It is located in the center of our forehead above the center of our eyebrows. Dawn will bring you through a guided mediation/activation to help you reactivate and open your third eye wider. In this activation Dawn will also assist you in decalcify your Pineal gland. As we open and activate our third eye we can expand our intuition. This is a great way to assist you on your spiritual Journey whether you are just beginning the journey or have been on the journey for a long time. All levels of intuitive abilities will receive an enhancement with a Third Eye Activation by Dawn Marie.

Ascension Activation Meditation

We are all on our Ascension Path. We have come here to grow, learn and raise our vibrational level. With this Ascension Activation Dawn will connect with your guides and lead you through and Ascension Activation Mediation. Dawn will channeling intuitive messages as she is facilitating the activation that will leave footprints in your soul to assist you on your Ascension Path. We all have challenges that we need to over come on this path, these footprints will allow you to naturally move in the right direction rather then continuing to get stuck. Embrace the essence of Serpis Bey along with many other Ascended Masters as they assist Dawn with the Activation. Ascension Now!!

Oneness Activation

We are all One. In this world of separatism, it is at times hard to see that we are all one. This Oneness Activation will assist you in the knowing that we are all one. Dawn will lead on you an Oneness Activation Mediation that you will embrace the Angels/Archangels and Ascended Masters. As you do they will merge with you and become one. As she is facilitating this Oneness Activation, it will bring you to truth to your awareness of the innate Oneness within you. The Oneness connecting you have with spirit, others and the universe itself. We are all One, We are all One, We are all One!!!


All readings, healing sessions, coaching, counseling sessions and/or meditations provided by Dawn Marie are for guidance only and are intended to offer insight into your personal life and does not in any form constitute medical, legal and/or financial advice and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment.