Private Coaching/Counseling and Meditation with Dawn Marie:

Private Intuitive Coaching

Dawn has a unique ability to inspire and awaken the intuition in others. She strongly believes we all are intuitive and have the ability to connect with the spirit real. In her private Intuitive Coaching she will assist you in tapping into your innate intuitive abilities and teach you how to access these abilities at any time. She can teach you how to use your intuition in your every day life to bring more peace, love and light to you. She can also teach you how to expand your intuition by using Angel Cards, Automatic Writing, Mediumship and Channeling for yourself and others. Allow, Achieve and Receive!!!

Spiritual Counseling

Dawn had educated herself to deepen hear understanding and practices in the spiritual community. During a Spiritual Counseling session, Dawn will help you get a better understanding of your life path. She will give you tools and ways to use them to better yourself and spring you forward on your journey. She will allow you the time to talk things through as she listens intently to you. She will help you make the best decision for you. She will help you find and see the higher perspective in any challenge that comes your way. But most importantly she will assist you to see your inner truth. We all need to be who we truly are. It’s time for you to be your true self now and always!!!

Private Guided Meditation

Meditation is one of the most important aspects on your spiritual journey. We are all able to meditate, we are all able to connect with spirit as we meditate, and we are all able to receive a healing as we meditate. Meditation is “Key” to raising our vibrational level. In Private Guided Meditation with Dawn Marie she will bring you through a spirit guided mediation that is exactly what you need at the time of your session. Dawn will lead you on a meditation that will allow you to connect, heal and bring you to a deeper connection within yourself and spirit. Relax and enjoy a meditation specifically channeled for you!!!


All readings, healing sessions, coaching, counseling sessions and/or meditations provided by Dawn Marie are for guidance only and are intended to offer insight into your personal life and does not in any form constitute medical, legal and/or financial advice and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment.