Dawn Marie: Her Story

I was awakened after the tragic events of 9/11, when I lost a friend and FF Michael J. Cawley, at the World Trade Center. During this time, I was not only affected by the loss of my friend, but the understanding of “Death” itself. As a child, I remember losing Grandparents and never wanting to visit them at the Cemetery. I guess I feared death, even as a young girl. After 9/11, the grief that came over me was unlike anything that I have ever experienced, it was overwhelming.

I did not understand it then, but not only was I dealing with my own loss, but I was picking up (sensing) the sadness, anger and hatred in the world. It was only by diving into my spirituality that I truly felt relieve and comfort. The learning and the understanding of the Spirit World that is here to guide and assist us was truly magical and it ignited the light within me. To not only learn, grow, and understand even more, but to heal, guide, and assist others to awaken to it as well.

I now want to do anything and everything I can to bring Awareness of Spirituality to the world through my readings, healings, guided meditations, workshops, and speaking events.

I am truly blessed and honored to be able to share my story with you and be part of your Spiritual Journey.

Sending many Blessings of Peace, Love and Light.

Dawn Marie

dawn marie: her story

Dawn is an Ambassador to The Eyes of Learning having been made a Board Member of the organization in May of 2021.