Private Intuitive Activation Sessions:

Third Eye Activation

We all have a Third Eye that is within us. It is located in the center of our forehead above the center of our eyebrows. Dawn will bring you through a guided mediation/activation to help you reactivate and open your third eye wider. In this activation Dawn will also assist you in decalcify your Pineal gland. As we open and activate our third eye we can expand our intuition. This is a great way to assist you on your spiritual Journey whether you are just beginning the journey or have been on the journey for a long time. All levels of intuitive abilities will receive an enhancement with a Third Eye Activation by Dawn Marie.

Ascension Activation Meditation

We are all on our Ascension Path. We have come here to grow, learn and raise our vibrational level. With this Ascension Activation Dawn will connect with your guides and lead you through and Ascension Activation Mediation. Dawn will channeling intuitive messages as she is facilitating the activation that will leave footprints in your soul to assist you on your Ascension Path. We all have challenges that we need to over come on this path, these footprints will allow you to naturally move in the right direction rather then continuing to get stuck. Embrace the essence of Serpis Bey along with many other Ascended Masters as they assist Dawn with the Activation. Ascension Now!!

Oneness Activation

We are all One. In this world of separatism, it is at times hard to see that we are all one. This Oneness Activation will assist you in the knowing that we are all one. Dawn will lead on you an Oneness Activation Mediation that you will embrace the Angels/Archangels and Ascended Masters. As you do they will merge with you and become one. As she is facilitating this Oneness Activation, it will bring you to truth to your awareness of the innate Oneness within you. The Oneness connecting you have with spirit, others and the universe itself. We are all One, We are all One, We are all One!!!


All readings, healing sessions, coaching, counseling sessions and/or meditations provided by Dawn Marie are for guidance only and are intended to offer insight into your personal life and does not in any form constitute medical, legal and/or financial advice and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment.