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We Are the Leaders of the Light, Feb. 21st

February 21, 2021 @ 8:00 pm EST

We Are the Leaders of the Light

Sunday Night Free Zoom Class with Angel Eyes Dawn Marie

Sunday, Feb. 21st, 2021 | 8:00pm

Topic: The Importance of Animal Communication for our Soul’s Journey

Join Dawn Marie & Co-Host Darnelle Parker

Animals are our master teachers and master healers. Yes it’s true!!

Animals help us on our soul’s journey. All we have to do is tune in and pay attention to the signs and the whispers of wisdom from them.

Yes, you can communicate with the animals in your life now, your animals in heaven and your animal spirit guides.

It’s truly a blessing if all species can  learn to communicate with each other and completely understand each other.

It’s time for us all  to facilitate a deeper level of connection and understanding between humans and their animal companions.

Animal communication can change your life and your animal’s life for the better!!!

Animal communication is natural; everyone can talk with animals it is just that most of us have simply forgotten how.

Communicating with animals can and will change your life. Want to find out how?  Want to learn how??

Come join us learn how to connect with the animals in your life today, your animals that have crossed over in spirit to the Rainbow Bridge and/or your animal spirit guides and the messages that they have to share with you.

Register for this event by using the button below by 7pm Sunday (2/21) night.
(If you have difficulties with the registration, please send your full name, phone, email and date of event to dawn@angeleyesdawnmarie.com or text 516.578.4766)
You will receive an email with the Zoom link once you have been registered.

Check in at 7:45PM Sunday

About Angel Eyes Dawn Marie

Angel Eyes Dawn Marie is a Angelic Oracle, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher,  Intuitive Development Coach. She has studied under many local and world-renowned metaphysical teachers. She not only can channel messages that are given but she has a unique ability to inspire and awaken the innate intuition in others. She does this through her Readings, Workshops and Spiritual Aware­ness & Intuitive Development classes.

Her services include Angel Card Readings, Mediumship Readings, Past Life Readings, Archangel & Ascend­ed Master Readings, Private Intuitive Development Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Private Guided Meditation.  She also facilities pri­vate 3rd Eye, Ascension and Oneness Activation Sessions. Her class offerings include Angel Card Workshop Certification Courses,  Automatic Writing Workshop Certification Courses  and Mediumship Development Workshop Certificate Courses for all levels of development for beginners and advanced are welcome.

About Darnelle Parker

Growing up, Darnelle realized at a very early age that she had a special connection with animals. Her first true animal communication was with Mike, a muscular herculean German Shepherd, and they became the very best of friends. Darnelle could hear and see Mike’s thoughts through the pictures he would send to her mentally, especially when he wanted to share her popcorn that they both loved. Together, each day they would snuggle on the sofa with her little arm wrapped around his sturdy body and both would share thoughts and insights about life’s experiences with each other.

Darnelle realized that she was experiencing something out of the ordinary but also it registered that other people did not have the same abilities with animals as she did.

Darnelle would share her experiences with the children at school and they would inform her that was just her imagination. Because she was in an environment that didn’t support her differences, she decided to stop sharing her experiences in fear of being perceived as being dissimilar than the other children. Darnelle knew she was different and often times didn’t quite feel like she fit in with everyone else.  She had an innate ability to feel and sense people’s emotions and energy.

Years later, having a very successful career in Corporate America no matter how much recognition or success, she never felt totally fulfilled. She felt that she had a higher purpose in life and wanted to share that purpose with the world.

After a traumatic life altering and spiritual experience in 2012, Darnelle started pursuing and re-developing her intuitive gifts to better understand the spiritual connection with people and animals.

Through her abilities, Darnelle is able to assist you with identifying any behavioral problems, physical ailments, food sensitivities, end of life questions/concerns of your animals and also helping to locate missing/lost pets.

She offers a voice to the voiceless and provides the animal an opportunity to openly with non-judgment share their insights, perspectives and point of view.

Darnelle is very passionate about helping and making the lives of people and their animals much better.

She currently resides in Dallas, TX with her husband Randy who is a retired Fire Captain and her furbaby “Abby” a miniature schnauzer.  Darnelle is an avid reader, and when not reading she loves spending time with family and friends.  Before the new normal of social distancing, you could find Darnelle and Randy travel and enjoying jazz concerts around the world.

Email: info@darnelleparker.com
Call: (888) 878-7718
Visit her website at darnelleparker.com

Darnelle lives by this creed: When you learn, you teach and when you get, you give — Maya Angelou

Professional Education and Certifications
PHD Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy, Life Coaching
Master’s Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Ordained through The Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy
Certified in Animal Communication
Certified Theta Healing Practitioner
Certified Reiki Master
Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist (NWSAM)


February 21, 2021
8:00 pm EST
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