Facebook 30-Day Challenge with Angel Eyes Dawn Marie

Day #12 of my 30-day Facebook Live challenge.
Sunday Inspirational message, let’s pull some cards for the week!!!
Day 10 for my 30-day Facebook Live challenge!!!
Topic is commitments to self and others!!! Angel message for the day!!! Setting intentions for the day!!!
Day #9 of my Facebook Live 30-day challenge!!!
Let’s hear what the Angels want to inspire you with tonight!!!
Day #8 Facebook Live 30-day challenge!!!
Topic is “resilience!!” Inspirational message and card pull for the group!!!
Day 7 of my 30-day Facebook challenge.
Today’s inspiration—another card pull on the spot!!! Let’s see what the Angels want me to talk about today!!!
Day#6 of my Facebook 30-day challenge.
Today I will talk about why I am doing this challenge, how I am hoping to touch, move and inspire you !!!
Today’s Topic is being in the present — the “now” not worrying about the past or future!!! Just the “now,” being in the moment.
Day #5 of my 30-day Facebook Live challenge!!
Come join me Live for an inspirational message and I will pull some cards for the group to bring forward healing messages.
Today’s topic is ….. let’s let the Angels select it again with the cards today that was fun yesterday !!!
30-day challenge going live Day 4 whoohooo!!!!
It’s all about Life Review take a listen and share if your guided too !!!
Happy Valentine’s Day — day #3 of my 30-day Facebook Live challenge!!!
This is fun!!! Glad I put it out to the universe to do!!!
Today’s topic continued … is LOVE “All you need is love!”
Happy Thursday Everyone!!!
Day #2 of my 30-day Facebook Challenge
Daily inspirational message/Angel Card pull for you to start your day!!!
Happy Wednesday!!! Inspirational message for the day!!! All you need is Love!!!
Day #1 for my 30-day Facebook Live challenge!!!